Specialised Air Motors and Transmission
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TONSON Australia Pty. Ltd.

Polypropylene Air Pump


Plastic Pump Series

                     PP20 (1/2 Inch)

Max. Air Supply Pressure

                                   6.8 bar

Inlet / Outlet

                                 1/2" NPT

Air Inlet

                                1/4" NPT

Min. Pressure for Starting Air Valve

                                  1.2 bar

Max Flow Rate

13.82 G.P.M. (52 LPM)

Max Speed

                                   400 cpm

Flow of each cycle

                                    0.15 L

Max. Air Consumption

                                      350 NL/Min

Max. Size Solid

                               3/32" (2.4 mm )

Suction Lift Capability

                        6.4m Primed ; 3.7m Dry

Weight of Pump

                                 4 Kg

Dimensions L x W x H (cm)

                                   27 x 24 x 34

Air Pump Features Include:
  • There is no slide or rotate part, our air pump has very good efficiency even with when pumping high adhesive liquids with low flow rate. 

  • The pressure or the outlet of air pump could be regulated when the machine is running, there is no necessary to buy any high cost speed changeable motor or drive device. 

  •  No damage to our air pump if running with no input for a long time.

  • The input pressure will never excess the output pressure. No necessary to buy any pressure release device or by-pass.  

  • The outlet of our air pump can be shut down at any time if necessary. Pump will stop immediately and won't cause any power waste, heat production or any abrasion damage. If you want to start the pump again, just open the outlet of the pump and it will start automatically.

  • The efficiency of our pump will never be reduced by any abrasion.

  • Manual, remote or automatic control can be used to regulate the pumping output.  

  • In normal conditions, our air pumps are suitable for explosion environments without the need for any explosion proof motor or controller. Our Air Pumps are explosion proof.

  • The flow rate regulation is controlled by air valve so no need for reflux device.  

  •  Our Air pump diaphrgms are of highest quality.

  • Our air pump is small and light, so very  mobile.

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