Specialised Air Motors and Transmission
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TONSON Australia Pty. Ltd.

Explosion Proof Ac Motors


SAMT can supply AC electric motors for hazardous environments used in industries where environments are dangerous and/or explosive. Our motors have specific mechanical and electrical specifications that ensure they can be operated safely in such areas, complies with Australian standards for Explosion proof areas.

Hazardous Motors available Include:

  • Ex d - explosion proof 
  • Ex e - increased safety
  • DIP (dust ignition proof)
  • Ex n - non-sparking

Suitable for various hazardous industries including:

  • Coal Mining
  • Petrochemical Plants
  • Automation devices
  • Grain Handling
  • Chemical Plants
  • Water Treatment Plants

Hazardous Ac Electric Motor Features:

  • Quality Design
  • CastIron Construction  
  • Mounting flexibility - Foot / Flange various positions
  • Steel trminal box and capacitor
  • High quality and meets stringent requirements
  • Fully Certified by SAA & Dept OF Mines
  • Australian Standards
  • Motors suits non-sparking, dust ignition proof, Flame proof
  • Explosive increased safety

Hazardous Ac Motor Optional Accessories:

  • Metric IEC Flange Or Foot Mount 
  • Explosive proof IEC Brakes Between Motor and Gearbox
  • Slide rails
  • Industrial gearboxes - All Cast Iron Explosion Proof
  • Couplings
  • Chain drives





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