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Variable Speed Drives


SMD Variable Speed Drive for control cabinet installation. For some devices, not only is the easy installation mode possible, but also the ability to use the cold-plate or push-through installation technique. The devices can be installed one after the other to save space, and they can be used in a DC bus operation, keeping the wiring efforts to a minimum. 
Thus, topologies can be clearly arranged even in the smallest spaces. All other control components, like the controller, the I/O system, are mounted right next to the inverters


Inverter for controlled motion. 
Power range: 0.25 to 22 kW (1.3 to 46 A)

Particularly suitable for: conveyor drives in the field of intralogistics, pump drives


  • Connections: start/stop, analog input, freely programmable digital inputs and outputs (3/1)
  • Control Speeds with Ease
  • Quick and Easy Commissioning 
  • Integrated Motor Overload Protection 
  • Clearly Legible LED Display


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