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F Series - Parallel Shaft


Ratios (i): 4.3 - 273  (imax: 18509)
Torque Range (KNm): 0.11 - 18
Power Range (Kw): 0.12 - 200



F series Parallel shaft Helical gear units overview:

  • Parallel shaft, compact structure, Stabe operation, low running noise, long service life.
  • Mounting mode: foot-mounted, flange-mounted, torque arm-mounted.
  • Ratio: ratio of 2-stage is 8.1-191, ratio of 3-stage is 28.2-273, ratio of combination is up to 18509.
  • For 2-stage basic type geared, rotation direction of input shaft is the same that of output shaft; for 3-stage basic type geared, their directions are reverse.
  • Output mode: hollow shaft output or solid shaft output.
  • Average efficiency: 2-stage 96%, 3-stage 94%, F/CR 85%.
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