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K Series - Helical Bevel


Ratios: 5:1 ~ 215:1
Torque Range (Nm): 148 - 4300
Power Range (Kw): 0.2 - 20

K series helical-bevel gear units overview:

  • Right-angled output, compact structure, high precision gear ensuring unit to operate stably, low noise and long life
  • Mounting mode: Foot-mounted, flange-mounted, torque arm-mounted, small flange-mounted
  • Input mode: Direct Motor mount, IEC input flange mount and Input shaft
  • Output mode: Hollow output shaft or solid output shaft and output shaft
  • Average overall efficiency 94%
  • Ratio: Basic type is 8.1-191
  • High tensile strength: pinion, gear and worm shaft made from 20CrMo material with carbonised treatment and an aluminium bronze worm wheel which offers high strength and durability
  • High-efficiency, helical gears matched with beveled gears offers the max efficiency of up to 90%
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