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MB Series - Variators


Basic Speed Range (RPM): 200 - 1000
Combination Speed Range (RPM): 0.001 - 2000   
Power Range (KW): 0.18 - 22
Torque Range (Nm): 1.5 - 352

MB series Mechanical Varaitor Overview: 

  • MB reducer consists of compressed drive devices, friction transmission devices and speed-regulating devices.
  • Wide speed-regulated range with stable running.
  • Speed-regulating range R=5, suitable for constant running at clockwise or counterclockwise, speed can be varied at the starting or while running.       
  • Compact design, light weight.
  • Under permissible load, output speed is constant.  
  • Stable running, silent, long lifetime, less maintenance, easy operating, high efficiency.                           
  • The rotation direction varies with different stages of reduction when combining with other gear units. 

More combination options:

  • Innovative design mean more combination options, mechanical variator could be connected to any of the other series, like CR, R, RV, K, F & S. 
  • It can be directly connected to motor, which makes size smaller and more efficient.
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