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S Series - Helical Worm


Ratios: 1:8 - 1:230
Torque Range (Nm): 35 - 3785
Power Range (kW): 0.2 - 22

S series helical-worm reducer overview:

  • Helical gear combine with worm, structure compact, ratio big
  • Low noise: with the advantage of helical gear high efficiency and the worm gear's smooth transmission. This results in a more stable and less noise polluting product compared to the standard helical gear speed reducer
  • More ratios choice: the ratio range is between 8:1 ~ 210:1 which will overcome the small ratio range issued by the worm gear speed reducer
  • Loading range: 1/4 HP ~ 30 HP according to different requirements and application
  • The worm is levorotatory
  • Convenient for mounting, every model is suitable for any mounting position
  • Pinion, gear and worm shaft are made from 20CrMo material with carbonised treatment and the worm wheel made from aluminium bronze which offers better strength and endurance
  • Self-lock, increase safety
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