Specialised Air Motors and Transmission
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Stainless Worm Speed Reducer


Ratio: 1:5 - 1:60

Power Range (kW): 0.1 - 3

Center distance: 206/237/262/325

Stainless Worm Gear Speed Reducer overview

  • Stainless Steel material is used for the housing, covers and flange to endure tough environments and eliminate rust and peeling of surfaces
  • Polish and smooth surface reduce the propagation of germs
  • Stainless steel output shaft ensures resistance to corrosion from moisture
  • O-ring on the input flange limits the access of fluids
  • The pressure decrease chamber is designed for free vent installation
  • Viton seals offer superior performance against hot and harsh environments
  • USDA H1 food grade lubricant: MOBIL SHC CIBUS 460



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