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Chain Coupling


SAMT can supply roller chain couplings.  Roller chain couplings have a torque capacity in excess of the torque normally transmitted by shafting which falls within the coupling bore range. Select the smallest coupling which will accommodate both shafts. For reversing operation, shock or pulsating loads, or other severe operating conditions, select the next larger coupling.

Chain Coupling consists of two sprockets joined together by standard duplex roller chain. This highly compact structure provides high flexibility between shafts, power transmission and is durable and robust. Chain Couplings allow for easy maintenance, it is a simple easy on/off process.

Features For Chain Couplings:

  • High torque capacity
  • Protective cover and O-rings included
  • Allows driven shaft removal without disturbing the driver

A cover should be used to assure maximum service life, particularly if the coupling operates at high speeds or under moist or abrasive conditions. For proper lubrication, fill the space between the cover and the coupling with soft to medium consistency bearing grease.

SAMT is a specialist manufacturer, importer and Supplier of Power Transmission Products. Special orders and customised requirements available. Many brands & types of couplings available, we can also interchange many brands to supply couplings in quick delivery times.  Machining services available for all our products. 

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