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Gear Coupling


SAMT Specialise in the supply of Gear Couplings. Boring & Keying Available. 

With the capacity of handing heavy loads. SAMT gear couplings are much smaller and lighter than any other couplings. Noise or vibration is hardly produced even in high speed operating. And service taps in sleeve and hub make it easier to disassemble and assemble the Gear couplings.

Our Gear couplings can be protected against off-set and angular displacement of the shafts, and have greater horse-power capacity than other flexible couplings of comparable size. Positive lubrication cushions the load and provides long wear life.

Gear Coupling permits parallel, angular and end floating misalignments by crowned Gear form of hub tooth.

Gear coupling consists of the internal spur gears in its sleeves and the external spur gears with crowned teeth on its hubs, both of which are in mesh when assembled. At the tooth section of the hub, the tooth surface is crowned and the tooth top is rounded in the axial direction in order to prevent interference at the tooth section when they are operated in eccentric condition.

If it is properly mounted without any displacement, the external tooth comes in contact with the mating internal tooth at the middle of the crowned portion (RO) and if it is mounted with offset and angular displacement, the former will come in contact with the latter at a point distant from the middle of the crowned portion.

'GDE' Double Engagement

Double engagement provides for parallel misalignment, angular misalignment and end float with the ability to accommodate close coupled application requirements. Our Gear couplings are manufactured with the tooth of the outer gear in a crown shape so even when axial misalignment occurs it provides good operation.

'GSE' Single Engagement

Single engagement accommodates angular misalignment only and does not allow for parallel misalignment. This design consists of a flexible and rigid half, most commonly used in floating shaft applications to solve remote drive and excessive misalignment problems.

'GRC' Rigid Coupling

The GRC coupling consists of 2 rigid hubs and high tensile machine bolts. The simple construction means that the coupling is lubrication and maintenance free. Rigid couplings are ideal for applications where there is no misalignment. 

'GSCD' Gear Spacer Coupling

This Double Engagement Spacer Coupling with Drop-out Spacers is suitable to take misalignment over increased distances between shaft ends. It is also able to compensate for Parallel and Angular misalignment. Our Gear couplings are manufactured with the tooth of the outer gear in a crown shape so even when axial misalignment occurs it provides good operation.

Other brands available including Maina and Esco. 

SAMT is a specialist manufacturer, importer and Supplier of Power Transmission Products. Special orders and customised requirements available. Many brands & types of couplings available, we can also interchange many brands to supply couplings in quick delivery times.  Machining services for boring keying also avialabe at our workshop. 

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