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Rigid Couplings


SAMT can supply rigid couplings; high tensile machine bolts and a locating ring to make sure that everything is in line. The simple construction means that the coupling is lubrication and maintenance free. Rigid couplings are ideal for applications where there is no misalignment. The rigid coupling is available in pilot bore and Taper bore.

Rigid Couplings consist of 2 flanges, available in internal and external entry (H & F). 
This gives two possible coupling assemblies HF and FF. 
When connecting horizontal shafts, choose the most convenient method. 
When connecting vertical shafts use assembly FF only.

Rigid Couplings are Taper Lock ready and available in a range of sizes and accommodate almost any shaft size. 

SAMT is a specialist manufacturer, importer and Supplier of Power Transmission Products. Special orders and customised requirements available. Many brands & types of couplings available, we can also interchange many brands to supply couplings in quick delivery times.  

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