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Tyre Coupling


SAMT can supply Flexible Tyre Coupling

Features Include:

  • Accommodate simultaneous maximum misalignment in all planes
  • Simple visual inspection
  • Quick installation Allows driven shaft removal without disturbing the driver

The Tyre coupling is primarily designed to allow for misalignment both angular and parallel and compensates for end float. Torsional vibration is reduced and shock loads minimised by the flexing body. The coupling has been successfully subjected, under normal circumstances, to angular misalignment up to 4º, parallel misalignment up to 3mm and end float up to 8mm. The design of the coupling, having a flexing member with remarkable durability, suppresses the initial shock load and eliminates to a marked degree the stresses common to power driven machinery. Tyres are available in natural rubber and F.R.A.S.

Tyre Couplings are highly flexible. Consisting of two flanges, the two halves are joined by a rubber tyre. The tyre itself is torsionally soft and flexible; this allows the Tyre Coupling to compensate for large amounts of shock loading the backlash, as well as both parallel and axial misalignments.

Compensates for misalignment, up to; 4 deg angular, 6mm parallel, 8mm axial.
Torsional flexibility of upto; 12, at max. torque.

SAMT is a specialist manufacturer, importer and Supplier of Power Transmission Products. Special orders and customised requirements available. Many brands & types of couplings available.


1.Power is transmitted by a Rubber with superior elasticity.

2.Possible transmit the power fully under misalignment.

3.Be smoothly transmitted the power.

4.Low noise.

5.High durability.

6.It is excellent to absorb the mechanical vibration and shock load.


1.Rapid and easy assembly/disassembly without moving any connected equipment.

2.Simple maintenance

3.Less inventory. Convenient inventory


1.Not necessary to lobricate.

2.Safe. No sparkling & no risk of fire due to friction.


Anti-oil, water, fume, dust and insulation.

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